Aquatic Alien

covid statistics Campo Grande Aquatic Alien

stromectol human dose The Aqua Alien was sculpted in Super Sculpey (Polymer Clay) which isn’t my favoured sculpting medium however this was my most favoured piece out off all the -Within- project. I was very inspired by the likes of Jordu Schell and Steve Wang at this time and I think it reflects a bit in the work. With each piece I was trying to be original from what had been do in the passed and also trying to make everything unique to me. it took some time to realise each piece took on a very feminine look and was perhaps a reflection of how I was feeling at the time regarding my own identity. This is the parasitic organism that resides in the hosts eye and controls the individual by telekinetic powers.

stromectol price uk Carcar Julietteão.html Some of the concept designs

oral ivermectin scabies dose Construction of an Aqua Alien

A Silicone test Alien

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